This year I decided to try the Inktober challenge. I took a digital approach (as that is my art weapon of choice) but challenged myself to try new digital techniques and keep it very simple black/white (tossed in a few colors where needed). I posted them on twitter each day along with a favorite quote or scene from a movie. I had a ton o fun each day with these quick tributes. Thank you for the grace from the true inkers of the world, I have the very highest admiration for your technique and talents!

I wanted to pay tribute to the glorious beards that have graced the faces of some of the most inspiring gents throughout history. It was quite difficult to narrow it to 31 favorite bearded blokes. I did lean heavy on my heroes and not merely on the grandeur of the whiskers. So some may lean more on the iconic side and others on the bulk o the beard. I now present "Brilliant Beards" Inktober 2015:
(click images to see larger view)