From the first time I went to the theatre (E.T. was the earliest I can remember), I felt an instant connection to the artistry of film. For me, these beloved films of the 80's are like Doc's Delorean. They transport me back to an age that formed the foundation of my creative journey, through the creative world of storytelling, character design, unending imagination ... and a whole slew of awkward moments. 

I am deeply grateful for the invitation to create a piece for Pixartimes, and honored to be among so many admired creatives. I was inspired to combine my favorite childhood films and my love for all things Pixar, and what better way to do that then the timeless art of the movie poster! I based each illustration off the original movie poster but gave it a Pixar twist, while still trying to stay true to the original concept, composition and character placement. The credit text on the posters have quirky nods to the Pixar film featured and the original film the poster is based on … see if you can make the connections!

I will be creating one poster each month, so be sure to check back the first week of each month! Each Pixar film will be represented throughout the year (except combining the Toy Story films into one month to be able to get all 14 Pixar movies in the year timeframe).

et original poster.jpg
Karate Kevin.jpg
karate kid original poster.jpg
Linguines Adventure.jpg
Peewees original poster.jpg