Kid Commissions 2014

As one of their Christmas gifts each of my kids got to direct a "kid commission" illustration from dad. They were the client from start to finish. Pitching the concept, directing the sketches, giving feedback through the process and giving final approval. Truly the best clients I've ever worked with! What I loved most was seeing how their personalities and unique imaginations really came through in the final illustration. This is a new tradition we will look forward to every year now!

My 11 year old son ordered Michelangelo (from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) riding a T-rex from Jurassic Park, fighting Rinzler (from Tron Legacy) … oh and added in a basketball spinning at the last minute (classic client move). Plus he wanted the other 3 turtles and 3 raptors hidden in the foliage. Quite a wild imagination that really captured not only his favorite movies/characters  … but also the fact that he is a bit indecisive and couldn't just pick one theme like his sisters. Which in the end made for one imaginative illustration that celebrates not only his favorites … but dad's too. We share a kindred fanaticism for film.

My 8 year old daughter wanted a landscape, she couldn't decide at first, but then thought of a sunny desert scene. Which fits her personality perfectly, she's an adventurous free spirit, with a deeply warm heart and smile that would challenge any desert sun! She wanted a cowgirl in the scene and her favorite activity, drawing the world around her. She also really wants to learn guitar, loves being outdoors (camping/hiking/exploring) and horses. I wanted to really capture that vibrancy of her life and the brightness she brings to our family with the colors and peaceful sunset. She's my little artist, and wants to one day be an illustrator like dad. To inspire her is one of the greatest joys of my life.

My 6 year old daughter had a tough time choosing between 2 ideas she had. But was most certainly clear it had to involve bunnies. Sweet, fun loving bunnies. Her bed is over flowing with every size, shape and kind of bunny lovey imaginable. Her favorite thing is her blanket bunny and she pretty much lives to spot bunnies on the pages of books to the front yard bushes. Which is really quite fitting as she is as sweet and cuddly as any bunny you'll find. At first she wanted a scene of her jumping with a bunch of bunnies on a trampoline (her favorite activity), but she also would live in a swimming pool if possible. So she wanted some water. In the end she decided on a scene of her playing in a river with her bunny friends hugging her. I think it captured the most magical place she could imagine. She is always up for silly fun and a hearty hug. She did add "maybe you could still do the second illustration for my room this summer". It'll cost ya kid … one big classic Nomer's hug!